Planning & Scheduling

Planning and Scheduling, Performance Measurement

PyramidThe overall scope of technology, labor, equipment, and material associated with many of today’s large projects can be enormous, with regulatory requirements adding even greater challenges. However large and complex or small and simple a project may be, a systematic approach to planning, scheduling, performance measurement, and management processes is required. High Bridge has developed a Project Planning & Scheduling Approach that is based on many years of successful experience with literally hundreds of customers and projects. It is flexible and can be customized to meet the requirements of various customers, commercial/proprietary software packages, and projects of varying size and complexity. Several fundamental criteria would include:

  1. Plans are based on a solid foundation as provided by our Scope and Estimate Development Process.
  2. Providing the required visibility to communicate and manage long-term schedule priorities.
  3. Establishing a more detailed near-term schedule to manage day-to-day priorities and corrective actions required to achieve milestone dates.
  4. Developing a meaningful basis for performing Critical Path Analyses (CPM), communicating priorities and objectives, and managing schedule work-around and recovery plans.
  5. Providing tabular data, trend data, and quantitative metrics to clearly communicate management objectives and manage performance at varying levels of detail.
  6. Establishing a process to regularly review near-term schedule progress and accomplishments, and implement corrective action steps as required.

The Planning, Scheduling and Performance Measurement Philosophy embrace several key components:

  • Key Management, Organization, and Contract Requirements
  • Level 0 Project Master Schedule
  • Levels 1, 2, and 3 Schedule Files
  • Level 4 Project Scope and Deliverable Lists/Data Bases
  • Schedule Status and Action Items Coordination
  • Summary Monthly Reports and Analyses
    • Milestone Analysis Summary
    • Critical Path Analysis Summary
    • Production Trend Curves
    • Monthly Progress Trends, Milestones, and Critical Path Review Meeting