About High Bridge Associates

High Bridge Associates, Inc. (High Bridge) was formed in 2003 as a Women-Owned Small Business with the goal of establishing a unique and focused service line to aid Owners in the management and control of medium to large capital projects. High Bridge established a growth strategy that emphasized attracting and retaining highly talented project management professionals and developing best-in-class project management processes. Starting with two employees, High Bridge achieved double digit growth rates in our first six years of operation, and has averaged $50 Million in annual revenue since 2009. Today, High Bridge Associates along with our affiliate company Work Management, Inc. is one of the premier project management services companies in the US.

High Bridge provides a unique breadth of service tailored to our Clients’ needs with our Senior Consulting Practice providing high level project analysis, assessments, or process improvement guidance, our Managed Task Services providing integrated teams to develop, implement, and manage project management and control support, and our Staff Augmentation Services providing our Clients with highly qualified personnel to fill Client organizational requirements.

  • Debra Maehr

    Debra Maehr


  • Steve Maehr

    Steve Maehr


  • Nicholas Maehr

    Nicholas Maehr

    Senior Vice President of Business Operations

  • Russell Maroni

    Russell Maroni

    Vice President

  • Ken Aupperle

    Ken Aupperle

    Vice President

  • Barth Loney, PE, PMP

    Barth Loney, PE, PMP

    Vice President

  • Frederic Bradshaw, PMP

    Frederic Bradshaw, PMP

    Vice President

  • Philip Moor, PE

    Philip Moor, PE

    Vice President

  • Greg Lynn

    Greg Lynn

    Vice President

  • Carl Strawbridge, PE, PMP

    Carl Strawbridge, PE, PMP

    Vice President

  • Richard Drake

    Richard Drake

    Vice President

  • Michael High, PhD

    Michael High, PhD

    Executive Consultant

  • Rich Capone

    Rich Capone

    Regional Manager

  • Dave Barry

    Dave Barry

    Executive Consultant

  • William H. Babcock

    William H. Babcock

    VP of Strategic Business Development

  • John Swailes

    John Swailes

    Executive Consultant