Nordic Nuclear Symposium, Stockholm Sweden, November 26-27

The Nordic Nuclear Society holds its annual symposium in Stockholm during late November.  The two day conference attracted nearly 300 attendees and featured 50 speakers to promote information exchange and sharing of experiences.  There are ten operating nuclear plants in Sweden, four operating plants in Finland, one new nuclear plant under construction, and one more in the planning stage.  With hydro power offering no new capacity and with limited carbon fuel sources, the nuclear industry is vibrant and accepted as a safe and non-emitting source of electricity.  Senior VP Ken Aupperle was invited to speak on Project Management, Integration, and Simplified Management Systems.  The abstract for his presentation:

Project Management in the nuclear power industry has received much attention recently. It is fair to ask why many projects are plagued with chronic schedule delays, cost overruns, and quality issues while so many advanced management system technologies, practice standards, and digital tools are available.  The global nature of a new nuclear or modification project involves many organization players, suppliers, regulators, cultures, and languages.  Project management is mostly art, leadership, and motivation; and only partially science.  The author concludes that most projects have created data that overwhelm the ability to focus on key project management decision-making information.  He also believes that the increased level of detail and automation has actually decreased stakeholder ownership and accountability.  This presentation provided insights regarding the art & science of project management, integration, training, leadership, teamwork, and open communications.  It addressed industry PM practice guides and theory, the fundamentals that are keys to success, leadership and resources, and the importance of keeping management systems simple.